Junior Board Spotlight

Lindsey-Gulotta-webLindsey Gulottla

  • NALJA Junior Board Director
  • Lindsey is from Independence, Louisiana.
  • She just finished her freshman year at Louisiana State University majoring in animal science.
  • Lindsey’s favorite T.V. series is Dr. Pol.
  • She always goes to Wendy’s when she is at a cattle show.
  • Lindsey’s favorite NJLSC memory was running for the board.

Unconventional Show Box Item

I’m sure you are starting to get things ready for junior nationals, as well as making sure everything is in your show box. We always make sure that there are the necessities, but what is something that you always keep in your show box that may be unconventional? We asked the Junior Board what an unconventional item that they must put in their show box before leaving for a show…

Ethan must always have hot sauce.

Callie always keeps 70% alcohol in her show box.

Randa always has a snack bag.

Dominic keep playing cards in his show box.

Aaron never forgets to put deodorant in his show box.

Katie always keeps makeup wipes.

Hannah has a laptop to work on homework or to watch Netflix.

Brooke keeps a roll of wire to put up panels and such.

What is an unconventional item that you always keep in your show box?

Scholarship Winner Spotlight

Randa HeadshotOur final scholarship spotlight is Randa Taylor. Randa received the Limi Booster, and the Ron and Carlyn Holland scholarship at the 2017 Junior Nationals. Her involvement within the Limousin breed has led her to attend Texas A&M University majoring in Animal Science, with a business minor. After graduating with her animal science degree, she plans on going to nursing school to become a pediatric nurse and have her own Limousin Operation.

Her involvement in the Limousin Breed throughout the years has helped her become more outgoing and meet a multitude of people around the world. Randa is involved in numerous activities at Texas A&M such as, Saddle & Sirloin, Texas Aggie Cattlewoman, Freshmen Leadership Experience, Houston Livestock Show Intern, and a College of Agriculture and Life Science Recruiter. Attending Aggie athletic games, Midnight Yell, and meeting some of the best people are just some of her favorite college experiences. Her advice to incoming freshmen is to “Learn how to manage your time!”

The water fights at the end of each week in the stalls is one of Randa’s favorite Limousin experiences. Out of the thirteen junior nationals Randa has attended, the 2011 Junior Nationals that was held in Amarillo was her favorite because it was the last one with her Nana. Her advice to juniors is to “Get involved in everything and step out of your comfort zone!” She loves passing those long drives to Junior Nationals by singing loud in the car to many songs. A fun fact about Randa is that she loves every Justin Bieber song and could eat Taco Bell for every meal!

Congratulations on your scholarships, Randa!

Junior Board Spotlight

Katie-Hurt-webKatie Hurt

  • NALJA Junior Board Director
  • Katie is from Lexington, Kentucky
  • She is currently attending Oklahoma State University, where she studies maketing and merchandising.
  • If Katie could have any super power it would be to have the ability to know everything.
  • Her favorite T.V. series is Game of Thrones.
  • Katie decided to serve on the junior board for the kids.

Junior Board Spotlight

Aaron-Linhart-webAaron Linhart

  • NALJA Junior Board Director
  • Aaron is from Leon, Iowa.
  • He wanted to serve on the board, so he could better himself, as well as the breed.
  • Aaron’s favorite T.V. series is The Office.
  • If Aaron could have anyone play him in a movie it would be Ethan Freund.
  • His favorite part of showing is bonding with an animal.

Start Preparing for Cow Camp!

The National Junior Limousin Show & Congress is only a few weeks away! I hope that you are preparing for your satellite events, including Cow Camp! Since junior nationals is held at National Western, we thought we would include some questions about the National Western Stock Show! Take a look at these facts while preparing for Cow Camp! See you soon!

  • The First Western Stock Show opened on Monday, January 29, 1906 and ran for 6 days. Around 15,000 people attended, and the Grand Champion Steer sold for 33 cents a pound, which was 23 cents over market price.
  • In the early years, a rule was made that land grant colleges couldn’t be awarded championships.
  • The Western Stock Show was intended to teach “The importance of good breeding.”
  • The National Ampitheater (now called Stadium Arena) opened on January 18, 1909. It cost over $200,000, seated 6,000 people and stalls were built underneath.
  • In 1910, they decided to require a “certificate of health” to exhibit all purebred cattle.
  • There was no stock show in 1915 due to foot and mouth disease.
  • The 1972 Grand Champion Steer “Big Mac” was disqualified due to being dyed black. He was earlier exhibited at the American Royal as a white steer.
  • The show was expanded to 16 days in 1996.
  • Attendance today is around 650,000.
  • Each year National Western contributes $75,000,000 in economic revenue for Colorado.
  • The National Western estimates $10 million in livestock sales take place.

Scholarship Winner Spotlight

12805866_1065796133541698_3935419846078628094_nOur next scholarship winner spotlight is Kaitlyn Boyer. Kaitlyn received the Award of Excellence Scholarship at the 2017 Junior Nationals. Her involvement within the beef industry led her to attend Iowa State University where she is studying Animal Science with a focus on beef production. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in the beef industry where she can market and promote cattle, as well as share her passion with others. In addition, she plans to continue expanding her own herd of Limousin cattle and sell bulls throughout the Midwest.

The Limousin breed has substantially helped Kaitlyn succeed in college as well as other goals. She explains, “Throughout the years not only have I learned more about raising cattle, the beef industry and our breed, but I have also gained vital life skills such as public speaking, and more importantly grown very close to my Limousin friends.” While attending Iowa State, Kaitlyn is involved in numerous activities such as, being an active member of the Iowa State Block and Bridle club, the Secretary of the Collegiate Beef Team, compete on the Iowa State University Collegiate Meats judging team, and was involved in the Tradition of Excellence Sales Team. Her favorite activity is competing on the meats judging team because it has given her the opportunity to learn more about what is under the hide. Kaitlyn’s advice to those entering college is to get involved in clubs and activities that you enjoy, to make life-long connections with students and gain new experiences.

While many memories are made at Junior Nationals, Kaitlyn’s favorite was her first, the 2012 Junior National that was held in Iowa, because it was her home state and she had the honor to receive Reserve Champion Overall Progress Steer, with her favorite steer, Yogi Bear. Kaitlyn must always keep beef sticks from her family’s business in her show box because they take them everywhere! An interesting fact about Kaitlyn is that she loves jamming out to music, whether it is Garth Brooks or AC/DC, no matter what!

Congratulations on your scholarship!

Junior Board Spotlight

Brooke-FalkBrooke Falk

  • NALJA Junior Board Director
  • Brooke is from Harveyville, Kansas
  • She is a junior at Kansas State University majoring in animal science in the pre-vet option.
  • Brooke wanted to serve on the junior board, so she could serve the breed and respresent the cattle and the wonderful people she has met.
  • If Brooke could have any super power it would be to have the ability to talk to animals.
  • If she could travel anywhere it would be Germany.

Great Times at Eastern Regionals

Written by: Randa Taylor, Secretary 


Eastern Regional, in Murfreesboro Tennessee, is a show many limousin breeders look forward to prepare their calves for the National Show just a short month later. Families from Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, and many other states join together for a short weekend to catch up with friends, make new ones, and show some great cattle.IMG_7419

On Friday June 1st, after checking in over 70 head of cattle, the juniors got to loosen up and have some fun by blowing up watermelons, painting with their hands, and partaking in the famous annual water balloon fight. Later that evening, we all devoured a great meal and enjoyed a benefit auction to support the Tennessee Junior Association. Show supplies, window paintings, and farm toys were only some of the auction items participants fought for in bidding wars.

IMG_7434The following days the juniors worked hard in the ring to display their cattle and took pleasure in competing with each other.  Divisions consisted of bred and owned, lim-flex females, pure-bred females, bulls, cow-calf pairs, and prospect/progress steers for those two exciting days and were judged by Zach Butler from Lebanon, Tennessee and Lydell Meier from Clinton, Tennessee.  Although some may not have received the place they wanted, I personally witnessed some amazing acts of kindness, encouragement, and good sportsmanship among this group of juniors.


Junior Board Spotlight

Dominic-Ruppert-webDominic Ruppert

  • NALJA Junior Board Treasurer
  • Dominic is from Witt, Illinois
  • He finished his sophomore year at Lincoln Land Community College and will be attending Kansas State University in the fall.
  • If Dominic could have anyone as his sidekick, it would be Ethan Freund.
  • Dominic’s favorite parts of showing are family and friends.
  • If Dominic could change his name, he would change it to Mufasa.